Our Values

Membership is open to anyone who meets the criteria. We are particularly looking to encourage talented trainers in countries and regions that do not have top level certified coaches and trainers from the established organizations.

Peter Stevens

As Scrum Ambassador Licensed Trainers, we strive to
  • live the Agile mindset by uncovering better ways and helping others to do the same, so we lead by example and inspiration.
  • emphasize the why behind the how, so people can figure things out for themselves.
  • treat Scrum not a religious text to obey but a reference implementation to build on, so people can make further improvements without fear.
  • consider Scrum not a ruleset to follow but a series of opportunities to ask powerful questions, so people can build on the guidelines.
  • negotiate changes that are in mutual interest to increase the likelihood of success.
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Your steps to become
a great Scrum Trainer

As a Scrum Ambassadors Licensed Trainer, you have demonstrated your ability to share your passion for Scrum and Agility to others. You can succinctly and convincingly answer why questions about Scrum and Agility and how they apply in context. You are seen as a valuable partner for executives as they strive to transform their organizations.

The entrance criteria is to a SA-CRA. To qualify, you need to show that you are well on your voyage to become a top-tier Scrum trainer, coach or consultant. Scrum and agility are a focus of your career. You want to collaborate with other Ambassadors to improve your own skills. You want to actively promote agility in your company or community. You want to live the agile mindset to become ever better at what you do.

  • Qualify for Membership

    To qualify for membership as a SA-CRA, you need convince us that you have deep knowledge, broad experience and genuine commitment in Scrum and Agility. Here are some of the ways that you can demonstrate that you are ready to start:

    • You have taught at least one 2-day Scrum Master class.
    • You have prepared your own training materials
    • You would be willing to translate our reference materials into your native language
    • You have humility about your own knowledge
    • You are willing to learn from others
    • You can travel
    • You have a willingness to share and support other Ambassadors on their voyage
    • You can commit to attending our monthly online call

    Furthermore, it helpful if your English is good enough to collaborate with us

    Do our values and vision resonate with you? If you want not just to be a Scrum trainer, but to be a Scrum Ambassador, go on the next step!

  • Apply for Membership

    Applying is easy and it's free.
  • Join - Become a SA-CRA

    You join by: Once you have done that, you are a Certified Recognized Ambassador (“SA-CRA”)™ We waive the membership fee for the first year, so you can get started with no risk or expense. You will be featured on our website and are entitled to all the benefits of membership.
  • Develop your skills

    You are welcome (and expected!) to attend all our virtual and face-to-face events to improve your Scrum knowledge and training skills. Other SA-LT's are open to having you attend their classes to observe and possibly co-train. They are open to coming to your venues on a profit sharing basis (subject to availability and capacity).
  • Demonstrate your skills

    To qualify as a SA-LT, you must satisfy the following criteria:

    You are a Recognized Scrum Ambassador in good standing. This includes regular participation in our on-line sessions and if possible, our face-to-face retreats.

    You have completed at least 3 co-trainings with other SA-LT’s

    You have demonstrated to an SA Fellow that you can teach a two-day class in which

    • You energize the people
    • You emphasize the why over “follow the rules”
    • You use primarily flipcharts and workbooks to convey information
    • You do not say anything blatantly wrong that requires correction

  • Next steps

    When you are ready, we will recommend you and offer you the option to become a SA-LT. You may also pursue licensing from other organizations (many of our graduates have). To become an SA-LT, sign the trainer’s addendum to the SA-CRA Membership agreement. You are now a SA-LT Scrum Ambassadors Licensed Trainer!
  • Continue your voyage

    We will help you with marketing materials and social media promotion to make it easy for you to be an active and effective trainer.

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As Scrum Ambassadors, we strive to:
  • Take Agility to the world!
  • Apply the Agile mindset to ourselves and our own work to satisfy the highest standards in the industry!
  • Enable high-performance, responsive and flexible organizations!