Inside The Scrum Team

Scrum is a simple, team based framework for solving complex problems.

Today I am pleased to share a new infographic to explain how Scrum is intended to work. Most descriptions of Scrum look at the process, that is the sequence of events. This picture seeks to capture the relationships and information flow between the Scrum team and its stakeholders and among members of the Scrum team.

This image is licensed under a Creative Commons License that allows anyone to use this image, even for commercial purposes, with just two constraints: give credit and no derived works (CC-BY-ND). My hope is that anyone who is trying to explain how Scrum works (or why their Scrum is going wrong) can use this.

My goal is to make a short, maybe 10 or 15-minute long video about this, and expect this page to updated with the script as it becomes available.

A big thank you and congratulations to Thierry Delestre who created this wonderful image in six point one iterations. It really was a pleasure to work with you!

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