Validate your Scrum experience

Assessments / Certifications

Validate your understanding of Scrum Roles, Scrum Events or how well your team is doing Scrum

Scrum Foundations



  • 10 questions
  • Ideal for test preparation
  • Quick feedback on your understanding of Scrum roles
  • Get an instant result



Validate your understanding
of Scrum

  • 47 questions
  • Passing grade: 80%
  • Based on the Scrum Guide
  • Get detailed feedback and explanations
  • Get an instant result
  • Free retries!

Scrum Master


Confirm your
deep understanding of Scrum!

  • 44 questions
  • Passing grade: 75%
  • Based on the Scrum Guide
  • Focused on the relationships between the Scrum roles
  • Get detailed feedback and explanations
  • Get an instant result
  • Free retries!
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Scrum Team Assessment


Is your team configured for performance?

  • Team Assessement
  • How well does your team's setup align with Scrum intent?
  • Validate your team against 30 parameters
  • Get an instant result

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Inside the Scrum Team

How is Scrum intended to work?

Are you using Scrum and reaping the benefits? Are you up to date with the newest Scrum guide? Are you looking for a pragmatic, not dogmatic understanding of Scrum?

As A Scrum Ambassador

We envision a world where agile expertise is widely available to people in all countries, languages and industries.

As a Scrum Ambassador...

  • we live the Agile mindset by uncovering better ways and helping others to do the same, so we lead by example and inspiration.
  • we emphasize the why behind the how, so people can figure things out for themselves.
  • we treat Scrum not as a dogmatic prescription but more as a reference implementation to build on, so people can make further improvements without fear.
  • we negotiate changes that are in mutual interest to increase the likelihood of success.