Sebastian Sussmann

Sebastian Sussmann has numerous years in software and product development, ICT, design, marketing, and Scrum experience in offshore business both in Europe and Vietnam. He has worked several years in all scrum roles in local and distributed teams such as developer, scrum master, and product owner, and he is since the beginning a member of the Scrum Ambassadors.

Sebastian has proven experience in building and coaching both on-site and distributed scrum and agile teams in Vietnam and Europe. He also coaches, trains several Agile practices for students in Universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Can Tho. Besides his passion for training, he is also a founder of Scrum Breakfast Da Nang & Ho Chi Minh City and a frequent speaker at several conferences worldwide.

Sebastian is a trainer and CIO at Axon Active. He knows and understands the daily challenges that we have in organizations and product development. Sebastian is also a member of the Agile Executives. He likes to share and learn together to uncover better ways to learn and optimize the companies' culture and structures to produce value faster and understand the complex world better.
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